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At Al Bustan Centre & Residence, the safety, convenience and comfort of our guests remain our top priorities – while we also commit in carrying out sustainability practices in our hotel operations as we acknowledge our environmental responsibility

Our Strategy:

Aim at increasing the sustainability of our operations, we established measures focusing on cutting environmental impact as we continuously strive to promote awareness among our staff and guests.

We have assessment and audit of our programs, sustainability practices metrics on targets and performance, thus allowing our team to be more involved and to pursue higher level of commitment to what we have started.

Our Focus:
  • Adopt and maintain environmental standards in hotel operations ensuring the implementation is aligned with Dubai Sustainable Tourism (DST) in support of their initiative of positioning Dubai as one of the world’s leading sustainable tourism destinations
  • Collaboration with local authorities and environmental groups
  • Presence of Sustainability Committee working towards achieving our goals
Sustainability Initiatives:
☘ Energy management & conservation
  • Use of LED lights, replacing light bulbs into energy efficient ones
  • Reduction of light wattage (with regular assessment of our lighting schemes)
  • Guest Rooms Key Card energy management system
  • Controlling indoor air quality and air conditioning
  • Carbon Emission Reduction
☘ Water conservation
  • Encouraging guests to reduce linen washing
☘ Waste management & reduction
  • Waste segregation
  • Limiting use of paper, plastic and supplies whenever possible
  • Reusing and recycling to reduce general waste collection
☘ Building Management System (BMS)
☘ Green Meetings and Awareness Campaigns
  • Regular sustainability training and Info sessions among staff conducted by our Sustainability Champion
  • Regular green meetings on campaign and project updates
☘ Locally and sustainably-sourced supplies and food products
☘ Corporate Social Responsibility Outreach programs, environmental and clean up drives
  • Outreach programs, environmental and clean up drives
  • Battery and old mobile & gadgets collection (in partnership with Emirates Environmental Group)
  • Can collection (in partnership with Emirates Environmental Group)
  • Donation of old linens and clothes (in partnership with Beit Al Kheir Society)
☘ “Choose Your Fish Wisely” sustainable choice campaign
  • Ensuring our menu options for fish does not include endangered ones